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  • Why You Should Hire a Plumber to Do the Repairs

  • We all know that horrific moment when you are in a haste to work this morning and suddenly your trusty shower breaks, no water comes out of the tap, the floor drain clogs, your toilet decides not to let that Lincoln log of yours go down...and other problems that will require a plumber to get fixed turn up in the worst of times.

    Do you remember that life hack video you watched last night about declogging pipes and drains? While the vinegar and hot water method worked flawlessly in the kitchen sink, are you certain that it will work its magic in your bathroom?  How will you know if it is just some minor clogging that your ever-trusty plunger can solve or a bigger problem that calls for the attention of our friendly neighbourhood plumbers? If you are looking for a good plumbing services and helpful plumbing tips, click here.

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    Our plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home, responsible for providing all of the fresh water you use on a daily basis. It’s also one of the most vulnerable to serious issues, mainly because those issues are so difficult to detect. Since so much of the system is hidden from view, it can be quite difficult to identify problems before they cause major damage. However, there are a couple of things that you can look for that indicate a need for plumbing repair. Let’s take a look at those things now.

    Discolored Water

    Water that is red, brown, or yellow indicates a serious problem in your plumbing system. Usually, this kind of discoloration occurs due to advanced rust in iron pipes, which are still used in some older homes. If your water is consistently discolored, it is likely because you need to replace a heavily corroded pipe in your system. Call for repairs right away.

    Loss of Water Pressure

    There are a couple of different things that can cause a loss of water pressure in your plumbing system, none of them good. It is possible that you have a blockage in your pipes, caused by lime scale or some other waste buildup. You may also have a large leak or rupture that is diverting water out of the system. One way or the other, though, this is a definite sign that your plumbing system is in trouble.

    Higher Water Bills

    A sudden spike in water bills between months without any apparent cause is often a sign of a major leak somewhere in the plumbing system. You should always keep an eye on your water bills month to month, and call for repairs if it ever seems like they’re higher than they should be.


    A leaky faucet may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can quickly turn into a major problem if not tended to and fixed. Emergency Plumbers Chicago  serves business and homeowners in Chicagoland Area with the knowledge and the expertise to banish that drip for good. They offer high-quality services like toilet and sewer lines repair, bathroom remodelling, sump pumps, commercial plumbing, general maintenance and their 24-hour emergency plumbing service – because they understand that some things could not wait until the morning or until the agency reaches a part-time plumber to fix the problem for you!

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    They also allow you to request a quote before having their well-trained plumbers over and the company website also has online coupons that you can use to save more money. It’s a total win for the clients! Get your free online coupons here.

    Do not wait until your water bill skyrockets before making an action. Just imagine the waste of water and money when these signs are left unattended. Did you know that one leaky faucet is equal to 5 gallons of water wasted every day? That is 1,800 gallons of water wasted every year!

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    That leaky faucet is so annoying, but it’s largely been a problem you’ve been able to ignore; you’ve been shutting the bathroom door, drowning out the constant drip, drip, dripping with the sound of the television, listen, this is a terrible idea. Ignoring the issue will only make it worse, leading to more water wasted, more stress on the environment, and the bottom line: a higher water bill.

    How much water does a leaky faucet actually waste?

    It all starts with a little drip, and it really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. One drop of water every few seconds — what could that be doing, really? More thank you think. Break it down this way. Imagine one drop, every few seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It adds up. Imagine if this was every faucet in your home, in your neighbor’s home, in all the homes that surround yours.

    The math can only be approximated because every drop of water from every faucet is a slightly different size, and falls at a slightly different rate, but using the US Geological Survey’s average of 1/4 millimeter per drop, it would take about 15,000 drops to equal one gallon of water. And sure, 15 thousand drops sounds like a lot, but a faucet that drips a drop every second would fill that gallon in just four and a half hours.

    That’s five gallons a day, 35 gallons a week, and as many as 1800 gallons a year. Suddenly, that little drip doesn’t seem like such a small amount of water anymore.

    Banish the drip. Call in the experts at My Plumber Heating & Cooling.

    A leaky faucet may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can quickly turn into a major problem if not tended to and fixed. My Plumber Heating & Cooling serves business- and homeowners in northern Virginia and southern Maryland, with the knowledge and the expertise to banish that drip for good.


    But while we always have our trusty plumbers to help us out,as responsible homeowners we also have to familiarize ourselves with the tips on how to avoid messing up with the plumbing system. To know more tips on plumbing solutions that will help us with our plumbing problems, below is a useful information that everyone must learn and know when in case of plumbing problems occur.

    First appeared here: (http://www.drainworks.com/blog/2014/09/avoid-emergency-plumbing/)

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    Tips to Avoid Emergency Plumbing:

    1. Take Special Precautions around Special Events: Over the next few months, many people in Toronto will be hosting large gatherings at their homes, for Thanksgiving. It’s always nice to get the whole family together, but if it’s a big group, that can be a strain on your plumbing. Check out some of our advice for avoiding holiday plumbing problems for more details.
    2. Regular Maintenance Checks: There are a wide variety of regular maintenance checks you can do that don’t take much time at all, and can save you a lot of time and money later on.
    3. Get a Plumbing Inspection: You can’t beat the character of an older home in Toronto, but unfortunately, they do often come with their share of unwelcome surprises – particularly when it comes to plumbing.  We offer thorough plumbing inspections that can identify any looming issues, and can start working on them right there on the spot to ensure the issue is addressed before it becomes a big problem.
    4. Know where the shut-off valve is located: If you’re not already sure, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the valves for your sinks and toilets, and particularly the location of the main water shut-off valve for the house. That way, if you do spot a leak, or a sink or toilet is backing up uncontrollably, you can shut off the supply of water until a plumber arrives to assess it.
    5. Respect Mother Nature: The weather in the Greater Toronto Area can wreak occasionally cause all sorts of problems. With winter coming, it’s a good idea to refresh your knowledge of how to prevent frozen pipes.
    6. Never Put Certain Things Down Your Drains: For kitchen sinks, the biggest offenders that cause clogs are fats, grease, oil and food scraps. For toilets, some of the most common items that cause clogs are paper towels, Kleenex, and feminine hygiene products. Remember, even many products that claim to be “flushable” can easily clog your drains or toilet.
    7. If You’re Not Sure What You’re Doing, Don’t Try To Fix It Yourself: If you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to fix a looming plumbing problem, you can end up making things worse. In extreme cases, the work can even be hazardous to you or your family’s health. Plumbers at DrainWorks have years of experience under their belts, to safely and promptly address any emergency plumbing problems that occur, and always come equipped with the right tools for the job.

    Taking care of your house’s plumbing system is one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks. Good thing Emergency Plumbers Chicago is there 24/7 to assist you in any plumbing, repair and remodelling needs.  With their excellent training and experience, you have nothing to worry about! Call them anytime at (773) 770-4811 and be confident that your house plumbing is in good hands.