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    Weddings are important occasion and one of the best ways to capture the moment is through photography. If you have ever looked at photos of a wedding and fell in love with the images though they were not in a style that you know, it is highly likely that you were looking at photojournalistic wedding photography. These are unique photos that do not follow the traditional styles but are quite elegant and attractive. Photojournalism wedding photography is not just a style, it has become a trend for people who want something that stands out from the rest.

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    Lana photography is based on photojournalism photography and this is what you will get on your wedding.Lana Photography is run by Lana, who is a self taught photographer with a love for details. This is the main reason why she has grown to be a best Naperville wedding photographer with a different approach. This approach is the reason why she has become popular in taking wedding photos. Capturing the right moment during a wedding is the essence of the wedding photography. Most photographers will spend time organizing the subjects into a pose but Lana has a different method. She lets things run naturally and this is how she takes high quality fun photos for a wedding.

    The couple values the time they spend with the guests and will not want to spend a lot of time away taking photos and this is where photojournalistic photography comes in. When you work with Lana Photography, you will notice that she likes capturing moments that are not planned. With such shots, you wedding photos will be natural and you will treasure the moments that were not planned. The shots could be when the couple is greeting the guests, exchanging vows among many other moments that are not posed. A posed photo is quite old fashioned and this is why Lana has taken a different direction in covering a wedding.

    The photojournalisticphotography can be compared to the images you see on a newspaper in a story cover. Instead of staging the subject for a photo, the photographer takes images as they see them and as the events unfold.Lana has her own twist and will ensure that your wedding comes out perfect in the photos. If you live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, you can contact Lana for unique wedding photos.