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    When you are taking a family portrait, it is important that the photo be taken by a professional.It is not easy to have all the members of the family together to take a picture and when that opportunity arises, it is crucial that the photo be handled by someone who knows what they are doing.  After developing a passion for photography that is different from what most people are used to. Lana trained herself and has become a professional in taking photos. One of the top photographer in Naperville with high quality photography services she offers includes great family portrait photography.

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    If you look at her gallery and the work she has already done, you will notice that though she is professional in her work, she takes a different approach on family portraits that is different from the conventional family photography.When she is taking the photos, she is focused on providing a memory that will last forever. This is in addition to paying attention to things that most photographers don’t. Most of the families that have worked with Lana Photography have nothing less that positive feedback to give in relation to the family portrait they got.

    As mentioned earlier, Lana follows her own style which iswhy the photos are different. She will only do a little to influence the pose but she is in love with taking photos that are natural.She will help the family decide on the type of photo to take and also contributeon the type of clothes that will help in bringing out their best. She is a fun person to be with and since she loves what she does, any family is guaranteed to have a fun photo session that will ultimately lead to a great family photo.

    If you want to capture a family portrait to hang in the hall way or the living room, you will need a photographer who understands this art and one who will ensure that your needs are met. Photography is more than the click and the flashing light. Thereare other important aspects such as lighting, poses, colors and many others that will influence the out come of the photo session. If you are in the Western suburbs of Chicago, and you need a family portrait taken by a professional photographer, Lana Photography has a solution for you.