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Wedding Hall You Can Afford


We all know just how difficult it is to find a venue for weddings, baby showers, cotillions, office parties, engagement parties and birthday parties. It is usually such a hustle getting a venue that is both affordable and not tacky which is what most cheap venues are. The balance between a venue that is big enough to hold a few family and friends yet not so big that it feels cold and empty. A lot has to be considered when choosing a venue for such occasions and rarely has a balance been struck, in fact when you look down a list of banquet halls in Chicago getting the absolutely right venue is hard to find, that is why stumbling upon such an ideal banquet halls in Chicago called Damenzo’s Banquets is such a delight.

Damenzo’s Banquets 741 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612 (312) 488-1922

Damenzo’s Banquet has been in existence for quite a while now and is deemed as one of the best and most scenic venues for all parties from office to personal birthdays and is considered one of the very best amongst Chicago wedding venues. They have impeccable service that includes excellent catering that will have your guests clamoring for more, indoor bar that serves both soft drinks and alcohol for you and your guests and excellent personal service. The staff that works at the venue is very hands on and is always on the move trying to make you feel comfortable and taking care of all of your needs.

They were once a famous landmark in Chicago and the owners have turned it into one of the most excellent banquet halls in Chicago and a most breath taking venue for weddings in and around Chicago. Many people frequent Damenzo’s Banquet because they have gained a reputation for their frankly stunning services which puts them in a unique position since their venue is not only defined by hosting a certain type of occasion.

Damenzo’s Banquet can make your wedding day very special since they take into complete account exactly what you want for your wedding and the decoration is all left up to your taste and you can be sure that they will take care of the rest because you can always rely on them. They have gained quite a following in clients who were very pleased by the quality of service that they were accorded. Damenzo’s Banquet is the very definition of a scenic venue that is ideal for your occasions.

The banquet hall you have been looking for

Damenzo’s Banquet is a cozy banquet hall based in Chicago that has become a beloved venue for events for the people of Chicago, the surrounding areas and indeed people from far and wide outside of Chicago. They have gained a solid reputation for quality services coupled with a simply amazing venue, when you arrive at the venue you will be open mouthed at the beauty of the place. It is a converted church that was once a landmark in Chicago and that should tell you even a bit about the novelty of the place and why there is such a huge demand for it and why it is being lauded in every circle in Chicago. They have a very unique design that is not too complex but is luxurious enough to host both high profile events and mid level events comfortably. Indeed they can host all events thinkable comfortably.

Being a family owned banquet hall in Chicago, Damenzo’s Banquet hall has service that is very customer centered and they are always striving to make the customer comfortable. It is actually a very welcoming banquet hall that you and your guests will enjoy kicking back and just relaxing in. you can feel the very personalized service as they do not leave anyone behind and they listen very intently to their customers. When you contact them to host your event they are very thorough and detail oriented, they do not let the details escape them and they adhere to your every request and that is why they are at the very top in terms of service delivery and are always considered very highly when discussing wedding venues and banquet halls in Chicago.

Damenzo’s Banquet hosts quite a couple of varied events. They host; birthday parties from the very youngest member of the family to the very oldest not making them feel out of place, cotillions that are the talk of the town for ages after they happen, baptisms because of the very peaceful atmosphere at the place and parties that range from office, personal and office parties. The range of events that they host is frankly amazing since most venues are only suited to a particular event, the flexibility of the venue also makes it a very appealing venue for all prospective clients. When you hold an event there you can be sure that you will return.

Exquisite Venue For events

348sIt is not very often that very many people of different tastes agree that a particular venue suited all their venue needs even when they were holding events of very different magnitudes, purposes and significance. Damenzo’s Banquet though has been described as just that, appropriate for everyone no matter the type of occasion being held there because it just seems to hold your attention but not in an intimidating way, rather it is very welcoming as if going home to your grandmother’s. It fits almost all imaginable events that you can think of and seems very appropriate for all of them and the staff also seem to adapt accordingly to the very event being held there. From sweet sixteen birthday parties to your very mature thirty year old birthday party. They hold weddings in their stunning grounds that are bound to spell bind your guests and make them very appreciative of the fact that you invited them to your special day in such a special place. That is why they are being mentioned as one of the very top wedding venues in Chicago.

What Damenzo’s Banquet is doing so well that is attracting more and more people is that they offer such accurate and timely service that you will have no cause to complain but just enjoy your event. They make sure that everything you discussed when they took you on as a client is delivered in exactly the manner in which you agreed upon, this makes them very ideal for any last minute events too. They are very open and communicative with clients and they reveal all the information that is relevant to whatever event it is you want to hold beforehand so that there are no surprises along the way.

Damenzo’s Banquet has atmosphere, atmosphere is not something that can be bought or hired, it is either present or absent and while many events lack atmosphere due to the location they are held in you do not have to worry about Damenzo’s Banquet because they have it in spades. The Banquet hall host baby showers, baptisms, cotillions and birthday parties too, events that are suitable for the children and teenagers. Apart from that they are also excellent hosts for meetings and conferences because they provide that very serene surrounding that is both quiet and enjoyable and thus perfect. What they host best though is weddings due to the design of the buildings that seem to take you way back and make your special day extra special.

Fabulous Banquet Hall for Weddings and Parties

oWe all want to have special events celebrated in the most spectacular way possible, we want them celebrated in such a manner that you will remember and it will live long in the memory of those present. Part of the beauty of celebrating any event in life is the venue, where it is held is oft forgotten as a very important part of the whole event. The difference between having an occasion in a run down, dull and maybe even dirty place and holding it in a warm, inviting, luxurious and scenic place is huge. While the former will have your guests squirming in their seats and looking at the clock, the latter will have your guests letting go and being merry and that is what memories are made of.

Finding an unbooked and scenic venue for any event you are holding is difficult but there is an option, Damenzo’s Banquets is one of a kind venue. It is perhaps the most beautiful venue in Chicago that you will find that can comfortably handle your events. It was a church before and that lends it that air of peace and the atmosphere is so calm and there is no noise from any surrounding areas, it is perfect for events. The fact that it is also affordable makes it an even more attractive venue for you and your family or guests. It accommodates up to one hundred and fifty people and more often than not that is enough for most events, it is very spacious without seeming too big and cold. It is a very warm and intimate place where you feel very relaxed when attending any occasion there and as such has been labeled a family banquet hall, and truly among all banquet halls in Chicago it is among the very few ones that has that tag attached to it.

The staff there is very appreciative of customers and you can see how much they are welcoming and they treat the customers very well. They are very polite and understanding and they seek to cater to all of your needs, they are very fast in servicing your orders and meeting deadlines meaning you do not have to feel pressured when dealing with them.

They offer services for events such as; wedding receptions, baby showers, graduations, birthday parties, cocktail parties, engagement parties, corporate events and a variety of other events hosting.

Damenzo’s Banquets

741 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612