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Signs of Sewer Line Problems

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Signs Sewer Line and Water Line is in Trouble

Plumbing system is important to in every household and also in every commercial establishments. The system was created to provide water in any kind of purpose, it uses pipes, valves, tanks and other equipments that transmit water.

However, plumbing may go wrong at times and when this happens it is very inconvenient and tenuous and damaging. Damaged plumbing system especially in sewer, waterline and drainage can not be detected easily until the damage came to an extent.

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If you think there’s a problem with the plumbing system of your home, but not quite sure about it. Then you better check this tip from another article on how to spot problems with your sewer.

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Foul Pools


For most homeowners, their sewer line runs under their front or back yards. So, when a problem like a leak develops in the sewer line, the water will rise up through the soil and start forming pools in the yard. If your yard had mysterious pools of disgusting water that seem to be appearing out of nowhere, it’s a good indication that you have a leak in your sewer line.

Frequent Backups

The sewer line is the line that transports all of the waste from your home’s plumbing system out to either the septic tank or the sewer main. So, if a lot of waste is allowed to buildup in that sewer line, you’re going to start noticing the effects in your own home. If you have frequent clogs and backups occurring throughout the house, you probably have a blockage of some kind in your sewer line.

Bad Smells

If the sewer line in your home becomes clogged, it can force sewer gasses back up through the plumbing system and out of your drains. If you have gross smells coming out of the drains in your home, it may be because of a problem in the sewer system. You should call a plumber right away if you notice this.


Now that’s something to take note of! Aside from, damage sewer line you also need to pay close attention to your water lines because this is the very base or major part of your planning system. Check out below the article to give you more ideas about water lines.

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The water line is the pipe that extends from your city’s water main to your home. All water that flows into your home passes through the water line first, which makes it a pretty vital part of your plumbing system. Water lines are made of pretty sturdy material, for the most part. Most people are never going to have to repair or replace their water lines for this reason. However, it is still possible for your water line to develop some serious issues under certain circumstances. Read on to find out how to tell when your water line might be in trouble.


Most homeowners have a front or back yard, one of which will have the water line running under it. If the water line develops a leak of some sort, especially a large one, the water will filter up through the ground and start forming puddles in your yard. If you have a growing puddle of water in your yard, and there’s no indication of how it got there, it’s very likely that you have a water line leak that needs to be dealt with.

Decreasing Water Pressure

Now, a decrease in your home’s water pressure could indicate a number of different things. If it’s limited to one water appliance, or one area of the home, it’s possible that you have a more localized leak somewhere in the system. However, if you have a substantial decrease in water pressure across your entire home, it’s probably an issue with the water line. It could be either a rupture or a blockage, but you’ll need to have a professional examine it to make sure.


When you have detected a trouble in your plumbing system, you better call a professional plumber right away. At, they’ll do an impeccable job. They have reliable technicians that will come to your home and efficiently repair your toilets, pipes and other defective plumbing issue you might have.