Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling projects are popping up all over the Chicago area.  Instead of busting down walls, demolishing existing rooms and making major changes to the flooring, homeowners have discovered the magic and simplicity of remodeling.  Your kitchen & bathroom can be transformed leaving you with beauty, style and luxury simply by installing premium plumbing fixtures such as faucets, toilets, tubs, sinks and custom shower heads.  Kitchen and bath remodels are more than replacing existing plumbing fixtures.  Updating your kitchen and bathroom to a masterpiece requires patience and careful planning with precise execution.  The key to your successful remodeling project most always involves professional plumbing work, whether installing new plumbing fixtures or rerouting pipes and drainage systems. Remodeling jobs are also projects and should comply with the State of Illinois plumbing code.  Thoroughly acquainted with Chicago’s unique plumbing rules & regulations, our expert plumbers will not only provide you with the necessary code regulations for remodeling in Illinois, but will also sit down with you and develop an outline of our kitchen and bathroom designs.  Our kitchen and bathroom’s Chicago, IL. remodeling services include:


Don’t be fooled by accepting quotes over the phone. Qualified plumbers know it’s not safe to quote a job to prospective customers without a visual inspection. Fly-by-night companies are known for over the phone quotes and never stand behind their work. Let our qualified plumber inspect your plumbing needs and offer you a written price which is stamped with our quality assurance seal.

  • One on one consultations
  • Installation and repair of plumbing fixtures
  • Waterline repair or replacement
  • Pipeline repair, replacement and installation
  • Drain pipe repair, replacement and installation
  • Experienced and professional remodeling contractors

  Chicago plumber will guide you step by step through your Chicago remodeling project, offering professional advice, including bathroom and kitchen’s remodeling ideas as well as tips. Our mission is to remodel your kitchen or bathroom into an eye popping work of art within your breaking your budget limit.


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