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Repair of Sewer Lines

Emergency Plumber Chicago offers a great deal more than merely a drain-cleaning service. We can also offer sewer line installation, sewer line replacement, and sewer line repair. We are able to rectify a large number of sewer-repairpotential problems you may have with your plumbing. These include:

  • Blockages – proper line cleaning or correct flow levels are being stopped or restricted by the presence of a foreign object or a build-up of grease.

  • Collapsed, offset, cracked, or broken pipes – a situation such as settling, frozen ground, shifting soil, or a similar problem has led to damage to pipes.

  • Bellied pipes – the condition of the soil or ground has led to waste and paper collecting in a valley, thanks to the sinking of a section of a pipe.

  • Corrosion – there are restrictions on flow levels, as well as line collapses, because of a pipe that has broken, deteriorated, or even both these things.

  • Sewer line invaded by roots – the line may have been damaged after the roots of a shrub or tress invaded the sewer. This can also cause problems by making standard cleaning procedures impossible.

  • Joints with leaks – the area around the pipe has suffered from an escape of water, due to the breakage of the seals that hold pipes together.

  • Off-grade pipe – serious corrosion or deterioration may have occurred because of poor quality materials having been used to construct the pipe that is already in place.

You can be assured that every plumber and technician from Emergency Plumber Chicago is trained to a very high standard in using cutting-edge technology and equipment. This allows them to find solutions to any drain or plumbing problems that you might have. These of course include the replacement and repair of sewer lines.

The traditional way of repairing sewer lines is to use the methods known as the “trench” or “open cut” techniques. These allow the area around the part of the line that has been damaged to be accessed safely. The area of work is sometimes opened and refilled by means of a backhoe.

The Advantages of Trenchless Repair

The great thing about hiring Emergency Plumber Chicago is that you won’t need to worry about your parking lots being wrecked, your driveways being devastated, or your yards being ruined when you need your sewer lines replacing. The Trenchless Repair methods employed by Emergency Plumber Chicago are much less damaging than older, more traditional techniques. For the next generation of quality sewer maintenance, choose Trenchless Repair. It even has a lower level of impact on the environment.

Bursting Pipes

The technique we use is to determine the beginning and end of the damaged section of the pipe, and then make small-diameter access holes. Our hydraulic machine will then be guided by your old, broken sewer line. It will do two things simultaneously – completely break up the pipe that was damaged, and thread a new, replacement pipe – which is full-sized – through the line of the old one. Your new pipe will last a great deal longer than the old one and has a high degree of resistance to invasion by roots and to leakage.

Relining Pipes

Relining is a method of damage repair that works to restore the flow and function of the pipe. It does this by constructing what is sometimes referred to as a “pipe inside a pipe.” An effective and smooth inner wall is created by means of molding relining materials – made from epoxy – inside the pipe that is already in place. A very similar application is found in the lining that coats the inside of cans that are used to store food.

In many cases, pipe relining may be carried out without the need for a large amount of digging, through utilizing the clean-out access that a building already possesses. Relining can also be employed when holes and cracks need to be sealed, or when pipes have suffered from damage by roots. It can also be used for fixing underground seal and pipe joint connections, and in storm lines. Roof drain pipes are also fixable in this way, and the method can even be used beneath concrete. Once the relined pipe is in place, it is entirely non-hazardous, durable, and seamless.

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Why choose Emergency Plumber Chicago?

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