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sump pump installation and repair
  • Basement flooding?  You Might need a New Sump Pump

    What is a Sump Pump? Sump pumps are made to remove water from your basement before it floods, but if you sump pump fails or is faulty, you might find yourself with 1000’s in repairs.A sump pump is a type of submersible pump that are usually installed in the basement or crawl space. This pump can be used to get ground water around the home’s foundation. The water is channeled to the drain system installed around thesump_pump.jpg

    foundation. A sump pump can be triggered by the float switch. It can be used to pump the water to the nearest storm drain, detention pond, or dry well. This pump can be turned on automatically when the water reaches certain level. New homes usually have sump pump systems are ready installed which is very effective to prevent basement flooding.

    There are many sump pumps that are available on the market today. People can choose the best one that is good for their needs. A sump pump can be connected to the home’s electrical system. This device can be connected to the outlet easily. In emergency situations, most sump pumps will work due to their battery backup systems. This pump can work effectively to remove excess water from the house quickly. There are many other benefits that are offered by this device for all homeowners.

    Test The Sump Pump Regularly

    It is recommended for all homeowners to test this device regularly. Regular testing is very effective to make sure that this device can operate well. People can test this device by pouring the water to the sump pit. Don’t forget to turn out the pump. This device can work well when it can remove the water from the sump pit. Normal device can remove all water completely in a few minutes. When testing this device, people should also check the valve and floating device from this unit. This regular testing procedure should be done ofter to ensure your pump will work when needed.

    Maintenance and Cleaning Procedure

    It is also important to have regular maintenance and cleaning procedure. The regular maintenance is very important to make sure that the pump can work well. Some parts of the pump which can become faulty and should regularly be replaced, so they can function properly. The part replacement procedure depends on how often the sump pump operates. Wet weather condition may require all homeowners to maintain and replace some broken parts of their units more often than any other situations. It is necessary to read the manual book when doing the maintenance procedure. Different units may have different maintenance and replacement procedures.

    The cleaning process is very important to clean the sump pit. This method is useful to remove any sand, dirt, gravel, and any other debris. Many plumbing experts believe that this cleaning procedure can increase the pump’s efficiency. Regular cleaning procedure can also increase the life of the pump. Before you start to clean your pump, you should discharge the line opening of the sump pump. Always remember, unplugged the pump to avoid serious injury or death.

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