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We all know that some toilet issues occur when least expected. Some may be brush off or aggravate into something more serious in the long run. In order to avoid unsightly cost due to a toilet malfunctioning, you will require professional help.

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EPC is always at your disposal when it comes to addressing any problem related to toilets. EPC is legally registered and licensed to offer services that will help you fix your toilet problems. Here are among others the services that EPC offers:

• Toilet Clogging
If you have had problems when flushing your toilet, then there is a possibility that it has clogged. A clogged toilet happens to be one of the most intimidating situations you can ever be in, all because water fills in the bowl and starts overflowing to the outside. And this can cause more problem than you expected. Rotting underlayment, fungus growing around the base of your toilet and just the fact that it is messy.

If clogging is the case for you, then it is about time you contacted EPC. Our plumbers will thoroughly check in the drainpipe and the sewer line to ensure all obstructions are clear for proper flushing.

• Toilet Replacement
If you have a classic toilet model, then chances are that you are paying hefty water bills. We know that old toilet models can hold a lot of water. In fact, it is very possible to waste up to 200 gallons of water in a day. Needless to say, you will end up paying heavy bills all in the name of catering for your water bills.

EPC moves along with the modern trends. In this regard, they will help you get rid of your old toilet and install a new one.

Note that there are environmentally friendly toilets in the market and ones that can help you avoid water wastage. Some toilets even come with a dual flushing function that allows you use different amounts of water depending on the nature of the waste. Emergency Plumber Chicago will help you select the ideal modern toilet and go ahead to install it for you.

• Running Toilets
There comes a time that your toilet keeps running for a long time after flushing. If that is that case with your toilet, then there is an issue with the flushing system. The truth is that you might end up wasting a lot of water each and ever day if this issue left uncorrected.

In most cases, running toilet problem is caused by corroded drainage pipes or the general flushing assembly. It will only be best to contact EPC since it is a great way of saving your hard earned money and not wasted through paying water bills. EPC will ensure that your toilet is fixed and in the best way such that you will not experience any issue in the long run.

Why Choose EPC?

Well, there is a great deal of reasons why you should consider Emergency Plumber Chicago. In fact, their services are top-notch such that they have a gained a lot of prominence among people. Below are some of the profound reasons why Contacting Emergency Plumber Chicago will not disappoint you whatsoever.

• Wide variety of services- Anything that doesn’t work correctly or unsafe our plumber will correct.

• Full-time services- They are there to address your issues regardless the time of the day.

• Quick response- You will get services as fast as possible for utmost convenience.

• Great reputation and outstanding customer reviews.

• Any fault can be addressed by Emergency Plumber Chicago regardless big or small.

• Long founded services- Emergency plumber Chicago has been in operation for a remarkably long time hence experienced.

• Best equipment for great results.

Quick Facts
A lot of myths have been brought up and about the flushing mechanism of toilets. Some attach everything to nature while others argue scientifically. The truth is that the manner in which your toilet flushes depends on the main design.

Did you know that each person visits the toilet at least six times a day? So the total number of times you visit the toilet in a year translates to 2,500. This means that you really need your toilet to be in the right condition. EPC is there to ensure that your toilet operates well each and every flush.

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